Bundle export


When exporting bundles, administration is required. This provides the user with a clear overview of all dependencies of types.

If a type is included in the bundle, all other types that are dependent on each other must be listed in the overview list.

Furthermore, there should be another overview that lists all DocApi templates that reference the respective types.

The user should have the possibility to remove the types as well as the DocApi templates in the overview and to include them again if necessary.

If certain types refer to the parent element, they should be removed. This must be taken into account accordingly when exporting. This means that when exporting, it must be checked whether the specified type in the reference exists in the list to be exported. If the referenced type does not exist, the reference in the parent element is removed.

Types can be combined into bundles. Types can be dependent in two directions or only in one direction.

Type 1: Locations
Type 2: Company
Type 3: Person

Company contains a reference to locations.
Person contains a reference to company
Company contains a reference to person (is managing director or is team leader).

Person and company therefore need locations. However, Locations could be installed separately and works without the other two.