Dynamic reference summary functionality


At the moment references are simply included IDs which are converted to the respective objects during runtime. We want to extend this currently static configuration with some dynamic approaches.

Currently N-number of reference types can be specified for a reference field. Now we want to set an extension field to this configuration, which offers the selection of the referenced fields.

Briefly summarized:

  • For each selected reference type an independent configuration shall appear.

  • Reference fields configuration is to be extended by the OPTIONAL possibility to give a selection of the fields of the objects to be referenced. Here also the order of the fields is to be considered. Additional separators like hyphens or colons shall be possible.

  • The object render should set these settings as summary string depending on the type configuration. Here it is to be checked whether these fields also exist. If not or if the value is not set, they are hidden.

  • If the configuration is missing, the "default" summary string should be taken from the type.

  • These should be displayed in all rendered views and table definitions

  • The type label / icon should be activatable/deactivatable.





Mark Heumüller

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