Refactoring of date handling in frontend


There are lots of parts where we handle dates in the frontend and execute the following actions:

  • check, if a date is not null, is a string or a date object

  • format the output (currently dd/mm/yyyy)

  • input dates with date picker at different parts (object edit, type builder,…)

    • check the input format

    • convert strings to date objects

    • convert date objects to strings

  • default values of object fields

We should handle all date specific logic at a central place.

In addition, it should be possible to specify a date format globally by a dropdown based on ISO 8601.

Therefore, a setting is to be created, which formats the PRESENTATION of the date. For this purpose, there should be a freely selectable field in the settings, which provides a formatting according to standard notation and validates this. In addition, a dropdown with common formats is provided for help.




Michael Batz

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