To support operating staff with their daily business, reports about specific informations would be helpful.

Example Use Cases:

  • show a list with all routers, switches and firewalls where support contracts will expire in the next 3 months

  • show a list with all routers, that have no maintenance contract

  • show a list with all servers, that are older than 4 years

  • show a list with all routers where customer_number == 0815 and purchase_date > 4 years

  • show a list with all servers where os == “Ubuntu” and version < 18.04

  • show all possible values of a specific field of a specific object type with count in a diagram (bar or pie chart)

creating reports
A report should be created by Admin staff for all users or ad-hoc by a specific user

report views
A report should have one of the following views:

  • list view with predefined query

  • calendar view with predefined query?

  • frequency distribution of object field values (see also NET-300)

reports about multiple object types
It should be possible to create a report about multiple object types. E.g. the expiration of maintenance contracts in servers, routers and switches. For that reason, we need to map different fields of multiple types to a logical field (e.g. router.support_end, switch.maint_end)




Michael Batz